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They create unique possibilities to experience technology products in a completely new ways. They change the way we learn and pass on know how to others. They create a new potential to keep things going.

We develop VR and AR solutions for trade fairs, education, training and maintenance & repair.

Tech experts: We guide our partners in a technology field that changes at the speed of light – deliberate, value creating, productive.


Maintenance supported by AR-Glasses

September 2017: In ccoperation with Hauni (part of the Körber Group) we developed the first Augmented Reality-Maintenance-App entwickelt. The HoloLens displays all operational to the service technician in 3D and in the exact place inside or on the machine. He can operate hands-free via voice or gesture control. Thus the application can be operated even in difficult work environments (loud or dangerous ones).

“Future Day” – Topic Day at ISI centre

June 13th, 2017 The business development agency WLH of the Harburg district had invited to the ISI, the Center for Founding, Business and Innovation. nation d was present with a lecture on AR and VR and an area for live demonstrations. Here the professional visitors were able to try out a fire extinguishing simulator in the VR as well as industrial hologram applications. In addition to numerous economic decision-makers, local politicians also convinced themselves of the possibilities offered by data glasses. In collaboration with the WLH we are offering a consultation for interested companies who would like to use data glasses by early august. If you are interested, please contact us at info@nationd.de. (For more pictures click on the photo)

Economy 4.0 – The future of the metropolitan region of Hamburg

June 8th, 2017 Regional institutions, such as economic promoters, chambers of commerce and crafts, had invited to the event “Economy 4.0” to discuss the opportunity of digitization for companies. The nation d GmbH was invited to give two lectures with a focus on “simulation” at the new Libeskind central building. During the conference, titled “VR and AR for Companies”, nation d Managing Director Sven Samplatzki had numerous application scenarios for data glasses in companies and talked, among other things, about AR repair instructions and VR market research for major automotive manufacturers. During the lecture Sven Samplatzki granted a view through the data glass by transferring the VR-perspective live to the screen. Subsequently, the participants were able to try out the technologies themselves. (For more pictures click on the photo)

AR Industry Planning

For a large industrial company, we have implemented the visualization of a future production line. We started with a miniature hologram, which could be operated with simple voice and gesture commands. The size scale of the model could be scaled as desired. In the second step, the planned plant was shown on the spot on a 1:1 scale. Therefore we taught the data glasses to project the parts of the future plant to exactly where they will be placed in the future. We integrated animations about the production process as well as a virtual window, that allows us to look into the lower level so that we can explore the production parts.

Augmented Reality Demo

Hardly any industrial company will get past Augmented Reality in the future.The application scenarios for technical products are almost limitless: trade fair, costumer briefing / virtual manual, education and training, maintenance and repair right up to production and construction! We are pleased about our new Hololens and have already developed our first demo application! The video shows the original view through the glasses!

VR Industry 4.0 Demo

Make technology percepitble in unique ways – this was the focus of the Hauni mechanical engineering company, which belongs to the Körber Group, at their in-house exhibition from the 8th to the 10th of November. With the virtualized KT3, nation d was able to make a central contribution to a highly successful event. The trade fair visitors were able to experience the machine and interactive product information first hand. The result was an enthusiactic feedback.

VR Demo Automotive

On October 26th and 27th, nation d and the globally active market research company Ipsos gave a glance into the future of market research at the trade fair “Research & Results” in Munich. Visitors were able to inspect a top-of-the-range car in virtual space. Subsequently, Ipsos interviewed the subjects about possible applications of VR in market research. 80% of respondents said virtual reality could be useful in design acceptance testing and car clinics.

VR Workshop bei TÜV Nord

VR Workshop at TÜV Nord

„TÜV NORD – For a safer World“ – This was the goal the innovation team of the TÜV NORD GROUP in Hamburg had an eye on at our VR & AR workshop. More >

Industry 4.0 Demo Hauni Primary Industry

Make technology percepitble in unique ways – this was the focus of the Hauni mechanical engineering company at their in-house exhibition. More >

Tech Live VR at Opera Mediaworks

Making knowledge transfer fun: By mixing employee training with a team event, we took the team from Opera Mediaworks Germany into virtual worlds. More >

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